Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am lost here...

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

I just entered into this 'wonderland world' that I know nothing about by clicking on a few choices! Now I feel like Alice in Wonderland and need all the help I can get...I am hoping I don't run into the confusing cheshire cat or the Queen that chops your head off on my way through this place!




  1. Nola... I always love your writing style... please post some writings if you don't mind so I can have a laugh a day or some thoughts to ponder... your artsy friend. blessings~barb

  2. Hi Nola.....
    I think if you click on the erosion project, it will take you to that link. Basically you put your bundle out in January, bring it in April, and create art by August. I must have had mine too tight cause not much happened. I am waiting for you to have something new on your blog. Just a sentace or two would make me smile... blessings~barb

  3. Hi Nola..... Oh the cloth weaving, it is so easy and it did not take long at all. I had already had taken an old sheet and ripped it into squares 8" squares, the material strips I tore from light weight cottons. Let me know if you want more detail on how you do it. Did you check out the Spirit Cloth site. I found I could just take the squares to the sewing machine without if pinning them, so that saved a lot of time as well. I tried to hand stitch one like she does but that is not for me. Really very quick. YOU CAN MACHINE WASH AND DRY!